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Board games

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Helping your campaign succeed & thrive is our propellent!

We support all kind of start-ups and individuals in expanding their crowdfunding campaigns to French speaking markets.

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Our translations always feel natural & genuine!
We localize your communication, with the greatest respect to your project's tone & soul.

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Make you game crystal clear to your French speaking players!

You want to translate a board game? Then trust us on blind faith: we are players at core & veterans of the industry jargon.

Some board game translations

we have worked on:

Cryptid Cafe board game

Cryptid Cafe

Lusitania XXI board game

Lusitania XXI

Board game Plunder a Pirate's life

Plunder: A Pirate's Life


Barbarians: The Invasion

Box of the game Jumble Jam

Jumble Jam

Box of the game DinoGenics


Box of the game Badlands


Box of the game StoryWorld



Mosaic: A story of civilization

Sons of Faeriell board game

Sons of Faeriell


Mysthea: The Fall


DinoGenics: Controlled Chaos

Box of the game Gardens of Babylon

Gardens of Babylon

Pepper & Carrot - Potion contest

Pepper & Carrot

Box of the game The Pioneers Program

The Pioneers Program

Box of the game Klask


Clockworker board game




Board game Icaion


Box of the game Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers

Box of the game Rising for the Thron

Rising for the Throne

Box of the game Crossroads of Heroes

Crossroads of Heroes

Box of the game 1750: Britain vs France

1750: Britain vs France

Box of the game Bonk


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